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Nor Izzati Jaini

Nor Izzati Jaini

Science Program - Knapsack problem, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Industrial Applications in Operational Research

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P: 09-5492373

Research Summary

My research interests is on the area of Operational Research and Decision Making. Currently, I am doing a research on Decision Making, focusing on the multi-criteria aspects. In real life applications, there are several objectives/criteria need to be taken into consideration simultaneously. For example, in a production line, minimizing the total cost of the production may not be the only goal, but also maintaining the quantity of the product. Another example is in welded beam design; the welding is to be done with the minimum cost and the minimum deflection of the beam. Other applications are as in determine which stock to buy (minimum risk, maximum return), how to allocate budget (maximum return, minimum budget), maximizing performance while minimizing fuel consumption of a vehicle, minimizing weight while maximizing the strength of a particular component and many other industries as well as engineering problems. Finding a reasonable compromise between those criteria is not a trivial problem. It requires the generation of a sufficiently large number of representative solutions in order to perform trade-off studies. The solution of such a problem is not unique as a rule.