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Rahimah Jusoh

Rahimah Jusoh

Science Program - Mathematical Modeling, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics

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P: 09-5492426

Research Summary

My broad research interests are in the areas of mathematical modeling, heat transfer and fluid mechanics. In this study, the heat and mass transfer of an electrically conducting incompressible nanofluid in natural convection subjected to some circumstances are investigated. The transport model includes the effect of Brownian motion with thermophoresis in the presence of thermal radiation, chemical reaction and magnetic field. The numerical investigation is carried out for different governing parameters namely: Reynolds number, Rotation parameter, injection parameter, Schmidt number, Thermophoretic parameter and Brownian parameter. The transformed ordinary differential equations are solved numerically by employing fourth order Runge-Kutta method. Numerical results for temperature and concentration profiles as well as wall heat and mass flux are elucidated through graphs and tables. It can be found that Nusselt Number has a direct relationship with Reynolds number and injection parameter while it has a reverse relationship with Rotation parameter, Schmidt number, Thermophoretic parameter and Brownian parameter.

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