Internship Experiences - Plexus Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (2016)

Structured Early Industry Exposure Program (SEIEP) experience

in Plexus Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., Penang

Lee Soon Poh, 2016

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the initiation year of SEIEP as the first ever batch. It was a wonderful experience under the attachment of SEIEP in Plexus from 27th June till 26th August 2016. In Plexus, I worked as trainee under the supervision by senior engineer, Mr.Roselan Zakaria in Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) division where the division is under Quality Assurance (QA) department.

My attachment worked well considering the main exposure objectives of SEIEP were to expose as much as possible to the related working environment which also known as outside of classroom exposure, to know the background and the functions of the entire industry, to experience hands-on the basic task as an employee and gain experience which helps in future job prospects. This attachment benefits a lot for my future in terms of seeking for related internship or for that matter even job opportunity after graduating.

SQE basically division dealing on ensuring the quality of goods provided by suppliers. This division ensures every goods from suppliers are in good condition and able to function after assembly from the raw material dock until the time the product is to be sent out. As a trainee of SQE, I helped in preparing Part Inspection Instruction (PII) for Incoming Quality Assurance (IQA) by studying the notes and viewing the parts drawing after which identifying and highlighting all the Critical to Function (CTF) of dimension and notes of the drawing. On top of that, I will also tag along with my supervisor to visit the production floor, IQA, warehouse or any place that found with the defects of parts and next to make the confirmation on the defects before deciding whether to proceed or rather to classify as Return to Vendor (RTV). Through this, I was able to recognize various defects of mechanical parts, cable and Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Sometimes, I was also given task to help on sorting out the defected part from the pool of raw material parts. Besides that, I also learned the skills of inter and intra department communication.

This SEIEP attachment provided connections from subjects learned in university whereby the knowledge in Laboratory Quality Management, QA & QC for Laboratory and Business Organization Skill subjects found to be very useful. Also the subject of English for Technical communication learned in the university taught me on writing and communicating using important technical terms and no doubt it helped during this attachment.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Dean of Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology(FIST), Prof. Dr. Jamil bin Ismail and SEIP coordinator, Dr. Jaya Vejayan for giving me this opportunity of joining SEIEP. I also thank and appreciate the guidance given by my section head, Mr. MK Weng, my industrial supervisor, Mr. Roselan Zakaria and all of the engineers of SQE during my attachment. It is my honor to be the first batch of SEIEP and help in initiating this program. I will strongly recommend all students in FIST to join this SEIEP as it is really beneficial.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Lee Soon Poh

Exco of Industry & Alumni 2015/2016, SCITEXS

Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology

University Malaysia Pahang