Internship Experiences-Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University

I have been introduced to Prince of Songkla University by Associate Professor Dr. Chong Kwok Feng, this makes my internship become my greatest experience ever. I spent nearly 6 months as a trainee at Trace Analysis and Biosensor Research Centre (TAB-RC), which is well known in analytical chemistry, especially in developing sample preparation techniques and biosensor.

On the first day of my practice, I was told to conduct a project regarding sample preparation. This was my first time to synthesis polymer by applying electrochemistry. I was even new in electrochemistry field as I did not take electrochemistry course. Therefore, I was nervous and worried that I might not be able to carry out this project. Fortunately, my supervisor, Assistant Professor Dr. Chongdee Buranachai has given me an immense amount of guidance and assigned mentors to assist and support me during the training period. All the people at TAB-RC were very supportive and helped me in great deal, so I was managed to adapt to new environment and able to conduct my project independently under supervision. In addition, Asst. Prof. Dr. Chongdee also provided me opportunity to undergo Scanning Electron Microscopy training in Instrumental Centre and also HPLC training provided by mentors during my internship.

Not only as a trainee, I am also treated as one of the TAB-RC member. I took part in meeting to report my work progress to all TAB-RC Professor and members. Besides, I have also attended seminars/thesis defense conducted by Master or PhD students and also Thai cultural events carried out by the Centre. It opened up a different dimension to my training, allowing me to explore more ground and motivated me to do more.

This internship experience in TAB RC, PSU has ignited my enthusiasm studying in the analytical chemistry field and I will study my master degree in this field. The training in PSU will give student to get hands on expertise and develop knowledge, competencies and skill in the research area.

I would like to thank to all the people who made their contributions in making my training sowonderful. Especially to TAB-RC for providing training to me. Very sincere thank goes to Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology, UMP for arranging this useful internship for us. A heartfelt thanks to Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science for facility supports and the PSU for Scholarship Awards for Bachelor Study Thailand’s Education Hub for the ASEAN Countries (TEH-AC). I would like to thank the Department of Student Affairs & Alumni, UMP and Department of Industry Partnership & Community Relation Office, UMP for providing necessary financial support.

Lim Yee Peng