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Kafi A. K. M.

Kafi A. K. M.

Industrial Biotechnology - Senior Lecturer

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Research Summary

My research is highly inter- or multi-disciplinary, lying in the areas of bioelectronics and biosensors, concerned with the application of nanostructure-based electronic/optical devices for biological and chemical detection. There is currently much academic and industrial interest in the development strategies to link biological molecules and electronic circuitry in bioelectronics and biosensors. The electrical contact of biomolecules (e.g., enzyme) with electrodes to facilitate direct electron exchange has been recognized as a significant issue in bioelectronics. Nanoscale surfaces such as nanotubes or nanoparticles will offer several significant advantages including regions of high curvature that energetically limit biomolecule adsorption, and reduced steric hindrance of the substrate to binding site on the enzyme. My research has focused on the interaction between bio-molecules and solid surfaces, whether by bio-molecule immobilization or electron transfer in biochemical reactions and between bio-objects (bio-molecules or cells) and the solid surface.

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