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Aizi Nor Mazila Ramli

Aizi Nor Mazila Ramli

Industrial Biotechnology - Senior Lecturer/Head of Cluster(Drug Discovery &Diagnostics)

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Research Summary

Investigation of Stem bromelain (E.C. isolated from Ananas comosus. Bromelain has greater therapeutical applications. It was firstly introduced as a therapeutic compound in 1957. Bromelain actions include: inhibition of platelet aggregation; fibrinolytic activity; anti-inflammatory action; anti-tumour action; modulation of cytokines and immunity; skin debridement properties and so on. It is also used in baking industries and meat tenderization. The use of conventional methods makes the production and formulation of bromelain very difficult, less reliable, often contaminated and expensive. Moreover, downstream processing is one of the major cost factors (up to 50%) in bioprocess. Hence, it is vital to develop efficient and cost effective processes that contribute towards the development of highly purified and cheaper bromelain. Consequently, this research work is geared towards the over expression of recombinant bromelain in Kluyveromyces lactis followed by purifying the enzyme using affinity chromatography and then recombinant enzyme characterisation.

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