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Mohd Hairul Ab. Rahim

Mohd Hairul Ab. Rahim

Industrial Biotechnology - Lecturer/President of PAKAD

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P: +609-5492428
F: +609-5492766

Research Summary

General interest is on screening, isolation and characterization of fragrance-related transcripts from terpenoid as well as benzenoid and phenylpropanoid pathways of selected fragrant-orchids and medicinal herbs using molecular, bioinformatics and genetic engineering approaches. Screening of fragrance-related transcripts is carried out using transcriptomic approach whereby transcriptome libraries are constructed from selected fragrant-orchids and medicinal herbs. The constructed transcriptome libraries are sequenced using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Illumina platform. Candidates of fragrance-related transcripts are subjected to full Open Reading Frame (ORF) isolation using RACE-PCR approach. The isolated full ORF of fragrance-related transcripts will be further cloned and expressed into microbial cell factories including yeasts and bacteria for production of fragrance compounds to be commercialized in fragrance and flavour industry.

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