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Natanamurugaraj Govindan

Natanamurugaraj Govindan

Industrial Biotechnology - Senior Lecturer (Contract)

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Research Summary

My broad research interests are in the areas of Algae Biotechnology [Phycology] including microalgae and Seaweed Taxonomy, Biodiversity and Conservation, Tissue Culture [Seaweed Protoplast Regeneration], Green technology [Biodiesel] and Environmental Biotechnology (Bioremediation-microalgae-agro industrial wastes, and climate change). The main contribution has been in the areas of bioactive compounds for various pharmacological applications, microalgae lipids in biofuel production and wastewater bioremediation.

My current research interests fall into three broad areas: biofuel production, cancer research and wastewater bioremediation from microalgae. It signifies basic and applied sciences through algal biotechnology with application in photobioreactor, race way pond, supercritical and subcritical fluid extractor and carbon dioxide sequestration process tools.

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