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Nina Suhaity Azmi

Nina Suhaity Azmi

Industrial Biotechnology - Senior Lecturer

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Research Summary

Polysaccharides represent a key class of biological polymers with a diverse array of functions. This is particularly true for the glycosaminoglycan heparan sulfate (HS), which has over 400 different protein partners in the extracellular space and is directly involved in regulating most aspects of cell communication. The analysis of the structure-function relationships of HS remain a major challenge, because of the diversity of structures encountered in HS, the difficulty in their analysis and in establishing the level of specificity required by biological processes of cell communication. In my research, different types of sulfated glycosaminoglycans from various sources have been screened and extracted, and have been used as a proxy to develop new methods of derivatising oligosaccharides that enable future functional analyses by means as diverse as surface optical techniques and single molecule optical microscopy.

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