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Mashitah Mohd Yusoff

Mashitah Mohd Yusoff

Industrial Chemistry - Senior Professor

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P: 09-4245004
F: 09-4245444

Research Interest

My collaborators and I are multidisciplinary scientists and engineers who design and synthesize organic and organometallic molecules of various molecular weights and structures. We develop materials with interesting properties for energy harvesting or storage, green or sustainable electronics, to improve recovery, as well as medical applications such as imaging dyes, biosensors, tissue scaffolds for tissue engineering, with a particular focus on the fundamental characterization of the materials and their applications. We also seek to explore different markets for technologies employing such materials. 
Second, my collaborators and I continue to direct efforts based on understandings developed from field work, traditional knowledge documentations and in silico methodologies. We screen for certain biologically active natural products molecules and attempt partial synthesis or synthesis of analogues which are too costly for industries to undertake today. We also work with oils and extracts to carry out method development, method validation and product development. Our profound experience and strong grasp of fundamentals of science and engineering can influence entire development trajectory, identifying, discovering and generating solutions with a significant reduction to cost and time.

SCOPUS ID:34973384400


Dato' Dr. Mashitah Mohd. Yusoff is Senior Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology. A former Deputy Vice Chancellor, Asst. Vice Chancellor and Dean, she has over thirty years' experience working in Malaysia and United States in the chemical industry and universities in Environmental Health & Safety, QA/QC, lecturing and management.
She played central roles in developing the Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology and Central Laboratory at UMP and the Institute for Tropical Biology & Conservation at Universiti Malaysia Sabah designing academic offerings, research focus and facilities.
She is a member of a small team often credited with the meteoric rise of UMP, a young technical and non-research university in the ranking and rating realm dominated by research universities (QS and MyRA 5 star; QS 6th in Malaysia and 188 in Asia for 2018). 
With over 300 publications in top journals and over 3000 citations to-date, she continues to be actively engaged in research, postgraduate and postdoctoral supervision in addition to work on technical reports and policy matters. 
A Fellow of Institut Kimia Malaysia (IKM), long term member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and Lifetime Member of the Golden Key Honor Society, she currently serves in the advisory capacity on the IKM Pahang Chapter and ACS Malaysia Chapter. She was conferred the Darjah Sultan Ahmad Shah on occasion of His Majesty's 86th birthday. She is Assistant Commissioner (Hon) of the Malaysia Civil Defense Force and Commandant of the Campus Corp.