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Mohd Hasbi Ab. Rahim

Mohd Hasbi Ab. Rahim

Industrial Chemistry - Assoc. Prof. / Dean

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P: 09-5492767
F: 09-5492766

Research Summary

Catalysis is a multidisciplinary science and it is a combination of fundamental and applied science and contributions from field of engineering. Catalytic processes may involve different stages such as catalyst synthesis, activation, operation micro/nanostructure and compositional data, catalytic activity and structure-property correlation and regeneration. The ultimate goal is the successful transfer to commercialisation stage of the catalytic process. Research in my group focuses on the design and application of new heterogeneous catalysts for the transformation of both non-renewable and renewable feedstocks into production of valuable chemicals and energy. In specific, my research focused on i) Selective conversion of polyol (glycerol and oil palm sap/sugars) into respective carbonates as well as into propylene /dipropylene glycol ii) Selective oxidation of primary C-H bond of C1–C3 alkanes, aromatics (toluene and xylenes) and desulphurization in the presence of green and sustainable oxidants (O2, H2O2, air) iii) Utilising industrial waste materials as heterogeneous catalyst.