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Muhammad Nor Fazli Abd Malek

Muhammad Nor Fazli Abd Malek

Industrial Chemistry - Lecturer(Study Leave)

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Research Summary:

My research area covers synthesize new lanthanide-based materials and study their luminescence. My aims are exploring Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) which is belong to a relatively new familiy of materials, built up from metal ions that are connected by organic linkers (coordinating ligands with at least two coordinating moieties) to make a 3D structure. Many of these frameworks are porous and have very large surface areas. As such, they are being studied widely with different applications in mind, such as gas-storage, gas separation, catalysis, etc. A less frequently studied property of certain MOFs is luminescence. I am investigating the influence of the linker type, substituents on the linker, presence of guest molecules on the luminescence properties of lanthanide MOFs. The aim is the synthesis of new families of linker molecules, optimized for sensitizing lanthanide-centered luminescence. A crucial part of this research is the structural characterization of the newly synthesized MOFs.

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