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Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris

Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris

OSH - Associate Professor

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P: 09-5492253

Research Summary

Mohd Fadzil is currently an Associate Professor and lecturing at the Faculty of Industrial Science Technology (FIST) at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Kuantan, Malaysia. His involvement with academic world started since 1997, covers Building Sciences and Construction, Building Services Engineering, Maintenance, Risk and Safety Assessment, Environmental Pollutions and Fire Safety Engineering.  He has diverged his interest through lecturing, research and consultancy in the field of OSHE programs in UMP (since 2007) where he seriously involved in disseminating knowledge on Safety Awareness that includes Ergonomics, Fire Safety, Occupational Safety and Health within the campuses and industries.  He has presented numerous papers in the areas mentioned above, locally and internationally.  One of his focused is giving talks on the related field to government and private sectors.  He has carried out research involving areas such as; The Effectiveness Of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report in Malaysia; Safety Requirement for Quick Serve Restaurant at Petrol Station; Fire Safety Guidelines for Heritage Buildings focused on Shop houses; Physical Design of Security Aspects for Houses; National Squatters; The effectiveness and support of the business management on fire safety installation within their premise; Commercial and Students Safety within Campuses and many more. He is also the committee member of the Occupational Safety and Health for the campus, member of the Institutions of Fire Engineers, UK (Malaysia Branch) and Malaysian Society of Occupational Safety and Health (MSOSH).  He was given the opportunity to lead several offices such as Deputy Director of Research and Innovation at Leadership Academy of Higher Education (AKEPT), Deputy Vice Chancellor of University College Islam Malacca (KUIM)and always have the positive minds that the issues of safety are not something to be ignored but as the top priority for every single aspect walk of life including faith, health, property, productivity, activities, economy and continuity of missions at any workplace of an organization. 

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