Postgraduate Program

Programmes Offered
The Faculty offers courses in science and technology that are relevant to today's industry, and to address the need for increased manpower requirements in Science and Technology. It is also aligned to the national goal to increase knowledgeable and competent human capital, namely, Research Scientists and Engineers (RSE).

The Faculty is equipped with state-of-the art facilities to support graduate students in their research. There are four main focus areas in the Faculty;

A. Advanced Materials

This group conducts research on Renewable Energy, Catalysis, Liquid Crystals, Composite and Nanotechnology. The group is led by Assoc. Prof. Dr Agus Geter

B. Green Technology

This group conducts research on Biomass conversion, Bioremediation, Plant, Soil & Microbe as well as Renewable Energy. The group is lead by Dr Shah Samiur

C. Drugs Discovery & Diagnostics

This group conducts research on Omics Technology, Biodiagnostics, Organic Synthesis & Natural Product. The group is led by Dr. Aizi Nor Mazila Ramli

D. Occupational Safety & Health 

This group conducts research on Safety Management and Risk Management. The group is led by Dr. Hanida Abdul Aziz



Industrial Chemistry

• Natural Products

• Organic Synthesis

• Fine & Specialty Chemicals

• Catalysis

• Oleochemical

• Petrochemical

• Polymer Chemistry

• Analytical Chemistry

• Environmental Monitoring and Characterization

• Food Chemistry • Organometallic Chemistry

• Other Chemistry Related Field


Industrial Biotechnology

• Bioprocess and Fermentation

• Enzyme/ Protein Technology

• Biochemistry

• Industrial Microbiology

• Bionanotechnology

• Biosensor/DiagnosticKits

• Bioremediation

• Cell Culture Technology

• Food Microbiology

• Pharmaceutical

• Omics Technology

• Plant Biotechnology

• Carbohydrate Technology

• Bioinformatics

• Molecular Biology

• Other Biotechnology Related Fields


Advanced Materials

• Nanostructured Materials

• Materials For Energy Conversion

• Materials For Energy Storage Devices

• Solid State Ionics

• High Temperature Superconductor Materials

• Quantum Chemical Calculations

• Microwave Materials

• Lignocellulosic Materials

• Biobased Adhesives.

• Conducting Polymers.

• Sensors

• Polymer Synthesis

• Polymer Composites

• Molecular Physics

• Emulsion Polymerization

• Biomaterials

• Photonic Materials

• Other Advanced Materials Related Fields


 Master of Science Occupational Safety and Health (Coursework)