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Mobility Program from UNISA

Mobility Program Experience in Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Wahyuni Wulansari, Raden Rara Dinda L, Baiq Anisa F, Hamiyawati Qoimatu D


We are students from Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta who did the mobility program in Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology for one semester. We did our study activity from morning till evening, one of our favorite activity while we studied in Universiti Malaysia Pahan is we did some experiments in laboratory class session. We are also feeling so helpful with our lecturers from our faculty, they all were so care and humble to us. They Helped us to understand some leasson in biotechnology subjects. We also had our favorite place to study, we liked to visit the library because library is quite and condusive place, So everyone can study there calmly.

Our exchange experience in UMP was so amazing  given us a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a different culture, and newfound independence. While on mobility program in Malaysia, We had the most amazing adventure of my life, new friends, new food, and new knowledge ! I'm so grateful I had this opportunity because it has opened my eyes, studying at UMP was of course not always just fun and sometimes I faced challenges as well. At first it was bizarre to be placed in a college system completely different from my own however, slowly but surely it became very much enjoyable. We were faced many english accent but as time has passed, we learn regularly then understand.

We were under guidance of Dr. Rama Yusvana as our supervisor during our study here. We are very grateful to our supervisor Dr. Rama Yusvana for the help and his advice that has given to us, we also thank to our friend and our buddies for accompany us while we studied in UMP.


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