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Programmes Educational Objectives & Programme Outcomes

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The objective of the Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) – Material Technology, is to produce a graduate who has mastered the required expertise in advanced material industries as follow:

Synthesize materials and apply the laboratory experiences thereby providing quality products and services to the government agencies and to the materials science and  technology industries locally and globally. 
Communicate effectively in leading and engaging multidisciplinary teams while solving materials-related problems locally and globally. 
Advance their knowledge and skills for the advancement of related fields and explore business opportunities in the materials science technology industries locally and globally. 
Integrate ethical and professional values in managing and providing services to the recipients and provider of the materials science technology industries locally and globally.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Programme outcomes are specific statements regarding a graduate’s knowledge, skills and attitudes that describe what students are expected to know and be able to perform or attain at graduation time. Consistent with world-class applied science programmes, the POs for graduates are as follows:

PO1 Demonstrate and apply comprehensive knowledge on material science and technology.
PO2 Safely synthesize materials and operate a range of advanced machineries and laboratory instruments. 
PO3 Identify problems and formulate creative and innovative solutions. 
PO4 Communicate effectively orally and in writing with learning communities and the public. 
PO5 Effectively engage in a multi-disciplinary team. 
PO6 Practice empathy, responsibilities, integrity, and professionalism in their endeavors.
PO7 Manage information and engage in life-long learning. 
PO8 Apply managerial and entrepreneurial skills. 
PO9 Demonstrate leadership characteristics