Prof Yuki Nagao,JAIST with Prof. Dato' Dr Mashitah, Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Research & Innovation),UMP

Dec 12- Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Research & Innovation), Professor Dato' Dr. Mashitah binti Mohd. Yusoff was pleased to meet Prof Yuki Nagao from JAIST to discuss with the potential of research collaboration and recent technology in Japan. Prof Dato' Mashitah also shared her experienced with researchers from Japan that she had collaborated before this. Prof Yuki also gives his support with researchers from Fist especially Dr Ahmad Salihin, who is the one who brought Prof Yuki to UMP and has writen up some publication with Prof Yuki. Prof. Dato' Mashitah believed this will be a positive collaboration and her office will give the strongest support to see this collaboration will benefit both institutions in near future.