2-day Data Analysis Workshop for FSKKP’s Postgraduate Students

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A “2-day Data Analysis Workshop for FSKKP’s Postgraduate Students” had been successfully organised on 8 – 9th December 2018 at Mathematics Support Center, UMP Gambang. The workshop was initiated by Statistics Panel from AIMs headed by Dr Siti Zanariah Satari and assisted by other statistics lecturers including Dr Roslinazairimah Zakaria, Dr Noratikah Abu, Dr Chuan Zun Liang, Dr Mohd Khairul Bazli Mohd Aziz and Dr Ku Muhammad Na’im Ku Khalif.  There were 19 participants including postgraduate students and staff of FSKKP. 

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The participants were exposed to statistical packages in Excel Microsoft Office and R language, programming language of open source.  The steps involved in statistical methodology were presented in detail including data organisation, sampling techniques, presentation and general interpretation of the data.   They also learnt various statistics tools such as hypothesis testing procedure for one and two populations, analysis of variance (ANOVA), goodness of fit test, regression and simulation study using Bootstrap and Monte Carlo techniques. The workshop applied the interactive method where the participants hands-on the statistics knowledge they learnt using Excel Microsoft Office and R language.  The participants actively involved in the workshop and at the end of the session, the students have the opportunity to seek advice on the appropriate statistical tools to be used for their research.

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