Workshop: Tips on How to Get High Impact Publication and Increase Citation

 On 17 July 2018, Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, has successfully organized a workshop: Tips On How To Get High Impact Publication & Increase Citation at Dewan Tun Fatimah, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Speakers of the workshop are Prof. Dr. Jayarama Venugopal (top most cited author at UMP) and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar (experienced researcher in United States of America). The objectives of this workshop are introducing the essentials of writing journal manuscript, assisting the participants in preparing their writing for journal publication, allocating operative strategies and techniques in proper writing of journal publication and assisting participants in publishing their article in high impact journals as well as increasing the citation. The participants, who are lecturers, researchers and students, gain precious experience and knowledge in this workshop. They are really excited and eagerly looking forward to attend the next workshop in future.