Teaching philosophy from my perspective by Dr. Saifful Kamaluddin


The university’s curriculum emphasizes the theoretical and application aspects in the industry during classes and laboratory works. However, there is a lack of an important aspect in usual practice of an academician – spreading the knowledge learned to the community.

There are three learning domains in the teaching plan of any university’s coursework, namely cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. The first two domains are assessed based on students’ achievement in the written tests, practical tests, and the final examinations. Assignments e.g., data analysis, theoretical calculations, and presentation of results are normally being manipulated to assess the achievement of the affective domain or to measure the level of appreciation of knowledge of the students.

The homework-based assignments are good to strengthen the basic knowledge of the students; however with less impact. Hence, a platform for university lecturers and students to integrate the concept of Communitising Technology (introduced by Prof. Dato’ Sri Ts. Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim, Vice Chancellor of UMP) into our teaching and learning experiences needs to be established.

A community service-based platform needs involvement from experts in various fields. The contents of the program such as science demonstrations and experiments, and motivational guidance should be delivered by both academicians and students. My educational goal is to strengthen the quality of knowledge and build a bridge to convey the knowledge to the community.