Monthly Mathematical Colloquium (MMC) 3, 2019

Monthly Mathematical Colloquium (MMC 3/2019)

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Monthly Mathematical Colloquium (MMC) had invited a speaker from a lecturer among AIMs cluster to share his knowledge about how to utilise tablet specifically using iPad with Apple Pencil in teaching and learning. The main advantage of this teaching approach is we could teach without using whiteboard and marker. We might say that this teaching approach is interesting and could attract the current students.

Date: 20 March 2019 (Wednesday)               

Time: 09:00 – 09:40

Venue: Mathematics Support Center (MSC), Campus Gambang, UMP

Presenters: Dr Muhammad Azrin Ahmad

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Title: The Use of iPad in Teaching and Learning

iPad Advantages

  • Made for users who are deep into Apple ecosystem. Notes, apps etc syncing through platform effortlessly 
  • Apple Pencil is the stylus made by Apple to work flawlessly with iPad. Better precision, detect pressure and tilting. It also works with other stylus
  • Use screen recording to record solution to share with students or can be edited to be included in MOOC platform
  • Very convenient and with iOS 12, apps can be put side by side by using slide over and split view mode. Example, Dropbox to view slide notes and Good Notes/One Note to show the solution
  • With miracast, you can connect your iPad wirelessly with the projector. You can move around the class to ensure engagement with the students but mind your distance

The iPad and its accessories can be purchased with discounted prices at Apple Store Education Malaysia website.The prices and Apple Pencil features are summarised in the following pictures.

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