Industrial Visit to Concord Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd

 (Written by: Mohamad Ismail Mohamad Isa and Dr Siti Noor Hidayah binti Mustapha)

30 April 2019 – An industrial site visit has been conducted by a group of 30 students supervised by Dr Siti Noor Hidayah Binti Mustapha from Industrial Chemistry Program, FIST to Concord Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd which is located in Lepar Hilir, Gambang, Pahang. Being a part of the Unit Operation Laboratory (BSK3472) subject, this excursion is aims to expose of the students towards the real big scale productions and encourage students to relate between the projects conducted during lab sessions to the real applications in the industry.

            Concord Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Concord Group, focuses in Engineering Design, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) work for the biogas industry in the palm oil market. Concord Renewable Energy offers several services such as project planning and consultancy, effective costing, knowledge in engineering design of biogas plants and knowledge in operating successful and profitable biogas plant projects.

            The industrial site visitstarted at 9 am with the welcoming speech, safety and company briefing by the company representatives. The on-site tour was led by Mr Amran Mohd Yusof, the Head of Operation & Maintenance, and Mr Andy Cheng, The Head of Project Management of the company. The students were divided into three groups and each group proceeded to three different sections. The first section was the introduction and explanation of the software system used by the company to operate the chemical plants from the operating room. The second section was the briefing on the background and landscape view of the company location and history which took place at the tower. The last section was  the tour around the chemical plant. The program ended at 11 am with the souvenir presenting and photography session.


Figure 1: Briefing session with Mr. Amran regarding activities during visit and safety measures need to be considered.



Figure 2: Staff explaining about daily routine check by monitoring the main operating system



Figure 3:Photography session with Concorde Renewable Energy Staff



Figure 4: Souvenir giving session