By Nazikussabah Zaharudin 

September 4, 2019 - Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology (FIST), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) greeted welcome to the newly registered first year students during the First Year Student Seminar. The seminar was attended by 165 new students and academic staffs from the four academic programs: Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Biotechnology, Material Technology and Occupational Safety & Health. 

The seminar was officiated by the Deputy Dean for Research & Postgraduate Study, Assoc. Prof Dr. Chong Kwok Feng. This year, the faculty opted for an explorace-style treasure hunt as the medium to deliver important information to first year students pertaining their 4-year stay in UMP.

Sparked by the Deputy Dean for Academic, Ts. Dr. Saifful Kamaluddin Muzakir@Lokman, the idea was to teach students the skill to find information and inculcate students interest in their own programs through fun and interactive activities.

Students were introduced to the management system of the faculty, program structure and facilities provided by the faculty and university. Students also became aware of the semester system: maximum number of semesters, deferring and extending semester and transfer credit.

All the students were challenged in separate checkpoints with each team consisting of five members. There are seven checkpoints scattered around UMP, Gambang campus. Students have to work in a team and answer the questions provided at every checkpoint. For example, in Checkpoint 1, the students were required to find the information regarding their program from the faculty website. The students need to understand their program structure by studying the information given on the website. 

By the end of these activities, students got exposure to their faculty and programs. The students expressed that this explorace-style activity was something new  for them and they learned a lot of information regarding the program, building teamwork and assessing information on the faculty website. 

The FYS did not stop only at the explorace. After lunch, each Head of Programs (Dr. Wan Norfazilah Wan Ismail, Dr. Mohd Fazli Farida Asras, Ts. Dr. Muhammad Hafiz Mazwir and Pn. Nurud Suria Suhaimi) provided a detailed explaination to the students regarding the program structure, academic staff, academic advisors and study plan. During the session, the students met and could ask questions to the lecturers of respective each program. At the end of  the session, the winner of the explorace was announced to the students. The earliest team to reach the last checkpoint and with the highest mark was announced as the champion. The team was surprised to have won a place and mentioned that the skills, synergy and team spirit brought them as the winner.