Bootcamp Johor Bio-Talent

This one-day program is a motivational and inspirational program to drive the students towards finding themselves in the most right path along their study and ultimately upon their completion of study. We bring successful person from the industry to share their success story with the students.To best benefit the students, we integrate the industry’s roles by involving several actively seeking employees-biotechnology companies in Johor and students of various fields and level from IHEs across Malaysia. Being the first of its kind, the bootcamp has been a great platform for both academia and industry to form an interactive discussion to solve the issues revolved around Human Capital Development that has hitherto impeded the growth of biotechnology sector in Malaysia. All the students, regardless of field and level, were given opportunity to present their best selves to the industry during the Walk-in interview session which provided later after in the evening. Visit i-CoE Biotechnology section for more detail.