Win a research grant workshop


This workshop was organized as one of the yearly initiatives of the Research Committee belonging to Biotechnology Program/Cluster. The aim of the workshop is to impart know-how and skills especially to the newer members of the Faculty in writing effective or “winning” research proposal. The ultimate outcome of the workshop is to be able to increase the total amount of money generated due to research grants for the Faculty in the year of 2014. To achieve this outcome Academy of Sciences Malaysia with their years of experiences in providing this sort of training were sorted out.


Date                : 27th – 29th August 2014

Venue             : CMLHS MULTIMEDIA LANGUAGE LAB 10, Blok X, UMP, Gambang, Pahang

Trainer           : Prof Dr Ho Chee Cheong, Council Member within Academy of Sciences Malaysia.


The workshop participated by 20 members belonging to the four Clusters of the Faculty i.e Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Biotechnology, Material Sciences and Science & Mathematics.


The trainer was very thorough and comprehensive in his coverage of topics. The slides were stocked with information that can be referred as and when the participant decides to write their research proposal. Each participant was given print-out on the presentation slides that had been inserted into a folder. To allow interactive learning the trainer gave small group assignments that needed to be presented to all and discussed. Also to reinforce the content of presentation some case studies were included. Below highlighted some of the most relevant topics covered in this workshop by the trainer:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Purpose of applying research grants
  3. Funding agencies available e.g MOSTI and MOE grants
  4. Criteria and Limitations of Applying International Grants
  5. Detailed look at the components of research proposal e.g Proof of concepts, problem statements, goal and objectives, expected outcomes, literature review, research methodology, activities, man-month calculations, milestones, budget planning etc
  6. Types of CVs and their construction
  7. Tips and common mistakes in writing research proposal
  8. Group assignments and presentations on writing proposal


Overall it is fair to state the workshop achieved the intended objectives. The workshop is the first of its kind organized in the Faculty and the 20 participants were awarded certificates issued by the training body i.e Academy of Sciences Malaysia and graciously presented to the participants by Prof Jamil bin Ismail upon completing the 3 days event. Prior to this workshop researchers wrote research proposals merely on their untrained capacity but now they may do so in the proper manner they may feel comfortable and confident.