Online International Learning (COIL)_FIST-ITB


A Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) was held by Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology in collaboration with Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), School of Pharmacy (Date: 6 November 2017). Assoc. Prof. Debbie Sofie Retnoningrum was invited to give lecture on Production, characterization and purification of therapeutic proteins of industrial importance. The audience are final year Industrial Biotechnology students (Semester I Session 2017 / 2018) studying Biomanufacturing (BSB3503) with Dr. Rama Yusvana (Course Coordinator) who also facilitated the program. Technical assistance is provided by UMP's Centre of Instructional Resources & e-Learning (CIREL). Special thanks to Dr. Gan Leong Ming for the kind help with the running of this global classroom session. The video only shows Q&A session and  Quiz time with Kahoot.