A memorable way to execute a science experiment!

 An article by Arifin Yaakob, Year 4 of BAppSc (Honours) Material Technology Program


The purposes of the program, "Saintis Turun Ke Desa 2017" which organized by Faculty Industrial Sciences & Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang are to share our knowledge related to science and technology to the villagers and the school students other than giving them an understanding about the importance of science in the community. My friends and I also got the chance to experience and practically apply the theory that we learn from class regarding the recycle technology and solar technology subjects besides exposed the basic idea of the subject to the people who live in the rural place. I am very happy to get the opportunities to be part of this program. For an introduction, this village is located 30 minutes from Pagoh and the school that we went were a school with a few of students; only 30 students learn there and this consist of year 1 to year 6 students. My friends and I were adopted by the people in Kampung Liang Batu. We stayed in the house of Pak Cik Siaji; a 75 years old man, who lives alone, and from the first day that he brought us to his house, I can see the happiness and joy from his face. I was very thankful to him as he is willing to fetch and feed us every day although he is already old. I also learn some of the histories how this village gains its name from his story. Furthermore, I also experienced in their cooking style as there is part of orang Jawa. For this program all the food was carried out by lots of villagers which were helping each other to serve the dishes and this activity is known as ‘Rewang'. Other than that, we also get the experience of eating dishes and rice in a tray known as ‘Ambeng'.  Basically, my friends and I were there to teach some simple knowledge for a group of students and teach them how to fabricate a simple solar cell using the dye of plants. In conclusion, I like to thank to our lecturer Dr. Saifful our lecturer of Solar Cell Technology and as the project director of this program for giving us this opportunity to let me participate in the program. I would like to thanks to all the lecturers and people for making this event possible and I hope that Saintis Turun ke Desa 2.0 can be carried out again in the future as it brings benefits to community and students.