3 Days 2 Nights in Kampung Liang Batu

 The very first assignment in university that is not written assignment nor project type. Yet is the first assignment that requires us to share and teach what we had learned in class to the community. We also able to experience a different lifestyle and meet wonderful village people. We had a morning walk "2000 Langkah" with the villagers in Kampung Liang Batu. We met our lecturer, Dr. Saifful's mother. I was assigned to share my knowledge in Solar Cell Technology with children from age of 8 to 12. It might be tough at first to try to explain in simple language, however, I have slowly overcome it by having a short ice breaking session with them. First, I asked, "what colors do you see in the sky"? They answered "white". I explained to them the theory behind it in simple language. I have prepared small gifts for each of them too.

During the stay in Kampung Liang Batu, I stayed with Mak Cik Fadilah and her foster daughter, Yana. For the second day and third day, she prepared a very delicious breakfast for us which I did not expect that because we were supposed to have our breakfast at SK Liang Batu. She was so kind-hearted that she even borrowed us her car to travel back and forth to the school. The distance from her house to SK Liang Batu is around 400 m, still, she insisted to us to drive. We were very thankful for her kind deeds. Before we returned to university, she prepared a small gift for all of us which includes of kuih mee siput and 100 plus. We took a video and pictures together as a memory.

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?" this question I had in my mind that keeps me trying out new things. During this journey, it is my first time to stay with foster family, first time dancing on stage and my first time to try nasi ambang. During the last night, my friends and I performed Chinese Traditional Dance. It took me hours of practice yet only a minute on stage. It was a very fun experience. Before we returned to university, we took a stroll around the village. We went to the river and Pak Cik took us to a famous Chinese Kopitiam in town. It is called Kopi Cap King Kong.