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Biotechnology sector is a growing sector and has now emerged as one of the prominent sectors in Malaysia, contributing to 2.2 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This is in agreement with the nine thrusts of National Biotechnology Policy (NBP), outlined as follows:

  1. Agriculture Biotechnology Development
  2. Healthcare Biotechnology Development
  3. Industrial Biotechnology Development
  4. R&D and Technology Acquisition
  5. Human Capital Development
  6. Financial Infrastructure Development
  7. Legislative and Regulatory Framework Development
  8. Strategic Positioning
  9. Government Commitment

The establishment of Industry Centre of Excellence (I-CoE) Biotechnology is a mandate accorded by Ministry of Education (MOE) to Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) with the aim to produce competent graduates and reduce unemployment rate especially in the field of biotechnology which is in agreement with the fifth (e) thrust of NBP. The establishment is also an initiative to increase the manpower projection by improving the skills for competetiveness among the critical group. Through the second phase of NBP, the government has launched a National Transformation Program (NTP) to facilitate the national biotechnology development, targeting at MYR9 billion of investment, MYR50 billion of profit, 80 000 of job opportunities and 4.5% contribution to GDP by the dawn of 2015.

The purpose of the establishment of I-CoE Biotechnology is also to contribute to the job opportunities in 12 sectors of National Key Economic Area (NKEA) that include agriculture, healthcare and palm oil and rubber with a target of 74 600, 181 000 and 41 600 job opportunities respectively, by the dawn of 2020. The establishment also works in accordance with the increasing number of biotechnology graduates produced by both public and private institute of higher learning (IHL) based on the programs offered as follows:


No. of public IHL

No. of private IHL

Science Foundation






Bachelor’s Degree



 MOE through its Industry Relation Division (IRD) has also agreed to give its undivided support for this collaboration and acknowledge this centre as one of National Industry Centre of Excellence. The acknowledgement has been done during a ceremony held on 15 March 2013 whereby an appreciation plaque was awarded by the Minister to the university’s representative, Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Pahang.